20 influential women working in the UK VR industry HAVE come together to create a vision for the future.

This vision is for a future where the immersive sector challenges the status quo of gender imbalance in creative industries and tech, seizing the opportunity to craft VR into an inclusive and healthy sector that learns from the mistakes of other media sectors.

A Vision for Women and VR (VWVR) is a collective visionary document bringing together the experiences and expertise of women working in this new industry. This is a timely challenge to ensure this transformative media is influenced by both men and women, reflects our society, shapes mainstream culture and affects behavioural change.

VWVR is a rallying cry vocalising the need for greater transparency and gender balance in the immersive sector. Effective change needs many voices. Project managed by VR platform, Limina Immersive, with funding, research and collaboration from REFIG.ca, the University of Brighton and Kings College London, VWVR is calling for your help and support to make this much-needed industry-wide change a reality.

Let’s Get Started

Download the VISION STATEMENT today.

We hope that the leading companies in the VR sector share this vision with us. We are inviting VR-related companies to commit to this vision, with us. To pledge your support & tell us that you want this future too, fill in this form below. You will receive a special logo for your marketing and recruitment materials, which shows the world your team is on board. You will also have permission to use the vision statement within your organisation as a tool for change. We will run press activity in the coming months to showcase our supporters. Please attach your logo to the form.

If you are a woman working in VR and you’d like to get involved, then please fill in this form. If you are outside the UK then we can send you guidance for how to adapt this UK vision statement to suit the context of the country you are based in.

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If you have any queries about the Vision for Women and Virtual Reality project, or any suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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Here are some of the women that wrote the vision statement, who wished to have their names published:

Catherine Allen, Sarah Atkinson, Grace Boyle, Becca Caddy, Amandine Flachs, Dorothea Gibbs, Rebecca Gregory-Clarke, Dee Harvey, Emma Hughes, Helen Kennedy, Samantha Kingston, Tanya Laird, Jayisha Patel, Mária Rakušanová, Tessa Ratuszynska, Mitch Turnbull, Isabel Van De Keere